Kinetic Woman
02 Oct 2015


Tonight I had the pleasure of viewing the Los Angeles Philharmonic play Beethoven at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This was my first time in the hall, and it was amazing. The acoustics in the building were such that you could hear the music as if you were sitting right in the center of the orchestra.

Posted By: Ciji
20 Sep 2015

Post Modern Baby Shower

Today was the baby shower of a lovely friend of mine. It was the fanciest baby shower I have ever been to: With valet, plates made of bamboo, cocktail servers, open bar, and amazing people. Congratulations to her!

Posted By: Ciji
23 Aug 2015

Today, Was My Day

I was working so hard today! I rode my daughter around in one of those bicycle trailers for a couple of hours, we did some acrobatics, buried each other, found each other, looked for little crabs, then ended the day on some roller coasters on the pier. It was a wonderful day, indeed.

Posted By: Ciji
28 Jun 2015

Baby Shower

Today I attended the baby shower of a friend who is like a sister. There was so much love, joy, and laughter in the room.

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