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21 Aug 2014

Summer Fling

Dress: NastyGal| Necklace: Detour| Shoes: Aldo| Earrings: Nordstrom Rack Purse: Hand made with coconut shells|

Photos by Kiko Tsukayama-Edit by me

I love traveling! Love it! There’s something so eye opening about traveling to a foreign land. It’s a simple reminder of our basic needs for survival and happiness That all over the world, through different climates, and languages…we all, mostly, want the same thingsan early retirement, happiness and peace. Thus far, I have been having a wonderful experience on my Icelandic trip. It’s a pleasure to be here and a wonderful opportunity.

Posted By: Ciji
18 Aug 2014

Fall Mohair Skirt and Fjóla

Top: Zara| Skirt: Zara| Shoes: Zara| Necklace: Fjóla| Bracelet: Fjóla

Photos by Marco Schmidli-Edit by me

We made it! My daughter and I arrived in Iceland safely.

To celebrate my arrival to Iceland, I decided to do a shoot with some gifted Icelandic jewelry. These bold and masculine Fjóla pieces are ingenious to Iceland’s Viking culture. This is Zara’s newest Fall collection and it’s perfect for a sophisticated date or the office environment, with a blazer. This cross over neckline top moves with my body, while this mohair wool skirt adds structure. Perfect for Fall!

Posted By: Ciji
15 Aug 2014

Petal Shorts

Top: Mine Clothing| Shorts: Mine Clothing| Earrings: Francesca’s Shoes: Nine West Gladiator Sandal| Sunglasses: Nine West

Photos by Kiko Tsukayama-Edit by me

I am headed to Iceland! It has been a little under 2 years since my last trip, so I think this trip is well overdue. Icelandic summers tend to be a bit chilly…but nice nonetheless. I expect the weather to be about 13C, clear skies, and a bit windy. Can’t wait! I figured I would wear my petal shorts and lace blouse before I head to the chilly climate.

Posted By: Ciji
14 Aug 2014


Top: Mine Clothing| Skort: Sheinside|Belt: Banana Republic| Earrings: Francesca’s Shoes: Nine West Gladiator Sandal| Sunglasses: H&M

Photos by Kiko Tsukayama-Edit by me

Excited that skorts have made a full comeback! They are practical, in case you decide you would like to do a cartwheel in public without showing your undies, and they are fashionable. Pairing this skort with a blouse makes it a bit more elegant.

Posted By: Ciji