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08 Nov 2014

Fall, at 30C (86F)?

Fringe Top: Say What? | Swimsuit Top: H & M | Bottoms: Abercrombie & Fitch |Shoes: Nine West

Just when I broke out all of my Fall clothing, the weather has oddly become hot, again.

Today was a wonderful beach day. We spent a lot of time on the Santa Monica Pier–something I have never done in the day, then headed to the sandy beach for some sand castle making, sand crab searching, dip my pinky toe in the cold waves…experience. We rode most all of the rides multiple times, had some icy sugar drink that was like liquid crack through a straw…had some pier food, and then rode the rides yet again, and again, and again…This day was a total success. We were literally there the WHOLE day, 7 hours or something. A friend of mine suggested this event and brought us here. Brilliant!

The Sea Dragon (2nd photo) was the best ride, hands down! If you don’t smile and giggle on that ride the whole time, your soul is in a sad lonely place. There’s just something about that ride that makes a person happy!

On a bit of a random note, is there anyone out there who feels like we just celebrated the 2014 new year…and here we are, just about to exit it?! Where did the time go?



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08 Nov 2014

I Miss The Netherlands

I do– I really, really do. It’s a place where so many significant things happened in my life. I gave birth there. I worked there. Made amazing life friends there. I traveled frequently there. I started my own business there. I learned Dutch there :-). So much goodness happened there. The photo above is a stroopwafel– a Dutch caramel waffle. I would get these at the city center farmers market. They would heat them up so that it was warm sweet goodness. Luckily for me I still have many Dutch connections and when they visit, they always bring these back for me.

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03 Nov 2014

10 Signs He’s Not That Into You

I think this section is best displayed in numerical fashion.

  1. When he literally says that he’s not ready to be in a relationship. When a man says that, he’s actually not ready to be in a relationship OR he doesn’t want to be in one with you. Either way. You should just…stop, and move on.
  2. His attempts of communication happen after 10PM. Means you are an after thought, or just a body call. Either way. Not good.
  3. Delayed Communication. He replies to your text messages hours later or never.
  4. He never introduces you to his friends. This one was a bit tricky to nail down at what point you should be introduced in the first place…But I think if you have been consistently seeing each other for about 3 months, and you are still ‘his little secret,’ then, you are probably always going to be ‘his little secret.’
  5. He returns phone calls late, or even the next day. Yes, we are all very busy people, but seriously, if you were on his mind of things to accomplish that day…then he would have made the time to call you, that day.
  6. You are initiating most of the contact, and he reacts with a simple response. sort of like a dead fish when you poke at it enough
  7. When telling your girlfriends about him and it starts with, “What does it mean when he…” It means he’s just not that into you, because if he were, he would make himself very, very, clear.
  8. Flirts with other women in your presence.
  9. He won’t schedule anything with you more than a day or two in advance. This means you are just a nice easy distraction, but not something he looks forward to.
  10. Calling you last minute for a next day date.  He exhausted his first choice option. She wasn’t interested, so he contacted you as a nice default, because you would say yes–because you have stuck around with 1-9…so, yeah…

When a man is ready, and interested in you, he will call you and initiate contact, because you are on his mind, and he will come get you– sort of like Tarzan. When a man is interested, no matter how busy he is with his business or executive position, he will make time for you. Always– Ladies, when a man wants you, there will be absolutely no mystery about it. He will make his interest clear.

We know what it’s like to be chased and desired, even if it was coming from someone we aren’t/weren’t interested in. When a man wants you, nothing will stand in his way. Sort of like bees to honey. Termites to old wood…children chasing bubbles. You know what I mean.

Ladies, take care of yourselves, and do what’s best for you with the information you have received. Remember, a man who is interested in you, will accept you wholly because of your flaws. He will love all that you encompass. All that you are. You will be able to be yourself, and each of you will feel comfortable being yourselves without judgement or feeling like you are walking on egg shells.

“…Ciji, but wait! Maybe he’s going through something in his life, I think we are the right for each other…”

–Yes, it’s possible you two have an amazing connection, it possible he is going through something to prevent him from totally being interested…it’s possible that the two of you are completely right for each other, but maybe right now, it’s the wrong time. It’s possible that he will come to you in a few months and be ready. There are a lot of things that are possible, but for this moment, while he is displaying such characteristics as listed above, you should take care of yourself and move on. Don’t give someone anymore of your thoughts or time that is not reciprocating the same. Don’t wait. Just continue to live, because, if he’s the right one for you, he will come back. They always come back.

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