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15 Oct 2014

Blue Line

So far the train has been a positive experience. I arrive safe and sound to my destination, and better yet, I am not stressed or anxious from driving in traffic. Yes, there have been a few times when there were disruptions in service due to maintenance or a train/vehicle accident, but otherwise its been great. Try it!

Posted By: Ciji
13 Oct 2014


Swimsuit: H&M

Photos by Kiko Tsukayama-Edit by me

I have the pleasure of meeting some wonderful women everyday. One topic that seems to come up frequently is, how to meet a good man. The conversation usually starts something like this:

“How do you meet a good man?” With a confused look on my face, I ask, “What do you mean?” So they explain that it’s so difficult to find a good man because they are all married, taken, or in hiding.

“Ah, I get it,” with my eyebrows raised, “Do you mean where exactly do you go do find a handsome, educated, employed, single man?” “Yes, exactly!” They exclaim.

Good, single, wonderful men are everywhere. Literally everywhere.  Good single men are crossing the same streets you are, they are at the grocery store, since, after all, they need to eat. Good single men have to put gas in their Maserati’s and Porches from time to time, so a gas station is a likely place to meet them. Good single men are everywhere! They are not hiding in the ‘Good Single Man Club,’ they are living amongst us.

Simply put- good single men are everywhere and if you are interested in attracting one, then it’s time to start smiling. Yes. Crack a smile on your face. Men need a nice green light to show them that you are interested.  So, to increase your chances of meeting  nice single man, randomly, it’s time to look welcoming, and start smiling at strangers.

Why does this work? Usually, men are already a bit nervous about approaching a woman for her number, so if they see a welcoming face, and a smile to pull them in, they are more likely to approach you. Ladies, this will simply increase your odds, but of course there are no guarantees…

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04 Oct 2014

Green Light

Top: Love Tree Clothing |Bottoms: Blue Spice High Waist Skinny Jeans |Heels: Prabal Gurung For Target

Photos by Kiko Tsukayama-Edit by me

What is going on with this weather? Right when I was going to grab my fall/winter items out of the closet, the heat starts to come back– with a vengeance! It’s 36C (96.8F). Yes, just a few degrees away from being the temperature of your body. So, it was only fitting to wear something loose, of natural material, and white (to reflect the sun rays). Stay cool, and find shade because these temperatures aren’t going away in the next few days.


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19 Sep 2014

Red Sunnies, Red Lips, Waterfall Earrings

Target |MAC, Ruby Woo |Unique Kreations Carmen Waterfall Earrings

Photos by Marco Schmidli-Edit by me

I love these earrings! They are the right balance of pretty colored jewels, an interesting selection of colors, and moving gems that dangle like grapes on a vine. You can wear them with muted colors or lots of colors, these are simply flattering!

As for the sunnies? These Women’s Xhilaration Cateye Sunglasses- Red, totally caught my eye while walking down the isle for some household items! These sunnies are so much fun, bold, velvet, and the shape would look good on most.

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