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29 Oct 2015

Create the Things You Wish Existed

Shirt: Thread & Supply |High Waist Jeans: Blue Spice| Earrings: Francesca’s |Bracelet & Necklace: Monika Chiang

It’s finally fall! I have been waiting for cooler temperatures so that I may break out my long sleeves comfortably. This weather reminds me of so many things.  We are only a couple of months away from some major holidays-And usually around this time I get a bit sad…but for whatever reason, I don’t feel that way, just yet at least. Progress :-) .

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24 Oct 2015

Maxim Halloween Party 2015

Tonight, I partied all night long… Months ago I started to plan my costume, so that I could make adjustments if need be. I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable in a crowded environment, and something creative. I decided on Little Red Riding Hood. I found a base that I thought was appropriate, a luscious velvet cape, and paired it with strappy black heels. I had the privilege of being in the VIP lounge, which was amazing! There was bottomless everything… :-) Oh, and there was plenty of food, sweet treats, and an open bar. The entertainment was great which included DJ Steve Castro and Nick Jonas.

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16 Oct 2015

Kings vs Wild

The Kings won, with one round of overtime! I LOVE watching hockey live. The energy you get from the crowd, the coldness from the ice, and the BANG you hear from the players hitting the plexiglass . I think it’s the only way to do it. This is now my second game, but this time in the luxury box…and I must say, I think that this is something I could get used to! Then I went up to the Hyde lounge, which was really nice. This was a wonderful night, indeed!

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10 Oct 2015

Ladies Only Birthday Party!

Oh my goodness, don’t judge my little belly, I was 4 tacos deep!  What a wonderful night filled with inspiring women. A new friend of mine celebrated her birthday, and only invited the ladies. It was beautifully set up with decorations that lit up the space, lovely full vegan Mexican style food, and drinks to lasted us all night long.

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03 Oct 2015

The Broad Museum

My daughter and I visited the Broad Museum. Tickets are free, but need to be reserved. From the infinity room to Ragnar Kjartansson playing Icelandic music in a bathtub, this museum truly had amazing art to experience. This is also a great idea for a day date!

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