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25 Jan 2015

Beef Salami, Avocado, Tomato

Just made this super easy dish and had to share. All of the ingredients were purchased from Whole Foods.

2- Slices of fresh French bread

1- Fresh avocado

Beef salami (the one the butcher cuts for you behind the counter)


Done! So easy, SO good, and good for you!

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25 Jan 2015


Legwarmers: Abercrombie & Fitch|

I didn’t take many photos as I didn’t want to distract the group. We participated in family yoga, and it was a lot of fun. We met new people, learned new techniques, and challenged ourselves physically. Then she had a cupcake!

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20 Jan 2015

What I’m Listening to Right Now

Headphones: Sony MDRXB450AP Extra Bass Smartphone Headset (Black)|


Listed below are some songs that I am currently, slightly addicted to. Enjoy!



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18 Jan 2015

Acrobatics at the Beach

Lately I have been participating in activities that I want to do…then I bring my daughter along, and she enjoys them just the same. Going to the Original Muscle Beach, Santa Monica is now part of our new staple in activities that we do together. She enjoys challenging herself on the equipment, as do I. I also got a chance to do some of the acrobatics.  Christopher Filkins of taught me some tricks and was my base for the day!

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10 Jan 2015

Icelandic Market

Dress: Icelandic Market: Heidi- Comfortable Icelandic Dress (White) |Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater: 100% lambs wool, handmade by my daughter’s Icelandic grandmother (similar, here)| Scarf: HEMA| Earrings: Francesca’s |Shoes: Mukluk Tan Boots


Photos by Kiko Tsukayama-Edit by me

This is an outfit that would fit perfectly in an Icelandic summer…and equally as great for a California winter. The light colors are a nice contrast to the grey skies. This 100% lambs wool sweater will absolutely keep you warm in the cold winds, and cool during warmer temperatures as well. This 100% raw silk dress is amazing! It can easily be worn alone or with a nice sweater/cardigan. For those allergic to wool, it’s smart to wear a thick long sleeve top underneath.

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06 Jan 2015


With all this free time on my hands as of late, I have been able to do some thinking. I have been able to have thoughts, daydreams, and time to reflect without any interruptions. If you are single/married with no child(ren), I am not sure how much you can appreciate this, but I know my readers who are parents can. There are so many sacrifices that we make for our children and sometimes we loose ourselves in the daily routine of making sure their needs are met. There’s the struggle of giving your time and resources to your child(ren) while trying to maintain balance in your own life as an individual and being a good wife/husband (to those with spouses).

Specifically I look back at the past few months and realize the amount of pressure I was under. I was feeling constricted.  And due to feeling constricted I was reacting more quickly, my patience for nonsense was less (but that’s probably a good thing),  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, and slightly on edge.

I always feel on; either when at work or with my child. There’s never much time to have a break from the stimulation, except for when I am asleep.  And in the past few months I have been feeling like my arms and limbs are constricted with elastic bands or like I am trying to walk through honey. It’s that feeling of not getting anywhere quickly with ease.

Since being back in CA, as a single parent, I remind myself every day how immensely important it is to have time to myself and to take care of myself first. To have my freedom of my own spirit. I make sure to do things that make me happy as an individual, whether that be: getting a cup of tea at a local eatery, dining alone (or with company), sight-seeing, weight training, sports, cooking or traveling (not necessarily international). There are many things that feed my soul that I make sure to participate in.

So as I reflect and look forward, I remind myself that life isn’t about arriving. There’s no end destination to parenthood. It’s really living those every moments. Learning from my mistakes, doing my best to maintain balance, to maintain my health and individual happiness, and making sure I am the best I can be for myself and for those around me.

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