Kinetic Woman
28 Nov 2014

Dark Waves

I got the opportunity to go to the beach alone, at night, and hear myself think with no interruptions. I got a chance to feel the wind blow through my curls- to listen to the music of the waves crashing, and to star out into the glistening deep waters.  It’s exactly what I needed at this very moment in my life.

I have been so busy lately in every since of the word. I have been physically busy, mentally busy and emotionally busy. I’ve been taking on more web design projects, I am currently doing home renovations, and a few other things have been preoccupying my mind. Lately I have been working on patience. Sounds simple right? I have been learning very quickly as of late that things don’t always happen on my time. And it’s been a very important lesson for me to learn.

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27 Nov 2014


Sweater: Kaisley Chunky Sweater|  Leggings:De Bijenkorf|

Happy Thanksgiving! Today was a wonderful day. Smiled lots, laughed a lot, debated a lot, and ate modestly. I am so grateful for my friends whom I also consider family. Happy Thanksgiving!

On a bit of a random note. It took three days for jury selection. On the final day, the defense and prosecution were able to reach a resolution without a jury or trial. Fantastic news all around!

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08 Nov 2014

Fall, at 30C (86F)?

Fringe Top: Say What? | Swimsuit Top: H & M | Bottoms: Abercrombie & Fitch |Shoes: Nine West

Just when I broke out all of my Fall clothing, the weather has oddly become hot, again.

Today was a wonderful beach day. We spent a lot of time on the Santa Monica Pier–something I have never done in the day, then headed to the sandy beach for some sand castle making, sand crab searching, dip my pinky toe in the cold waves…experience. We rode most all of the rides multiple times, had some icy sugar drink that was like liquid crack through a straw…had some pier food, and then rode the rides yet again, and again, and again…This day was a total success. We were literally there the WHOLE day, 7 hours or something. A friend of mine suggested this event and brought us here. Brilliant!

The Sea Dragon (2nd photo) was the best ride, hands down! If you don’t smile and giggle on that ride the whole time, your soul is in a sad lonely place. There’s just something about that ride that makes a person happy!

On a bit of a random note, is there anyone out there who feels like we just celebrated the 2014 new year…and here we are, just about to exit it?! Where did the time go?



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